Island Of Vir

General information

Vir, a village and small harbour on the island of Vir. Situated on an elevation, 300 m from the shallow sandy Sapavac cove. Chief occupations are farming, wine production, livestock breeding, fishing and tourism. Vir lies on the regional road. Ruins of a small pre-Romanesque church of St. Nicholas were excavated in the port, and the small Romanesque church of St. John (12th-13th c.) is on the graveyard. Remains of a wall with towers and a gate of the former Venetian 17th-century citadel (kasteli) were found along the coast. St. John's Day (29th of August), celebrated at the same time as the Municipality Day, is a tradi-tional folk feast.

Sights to see castle ruins, historical buildings, churches, castle

Sport activities cycling, diving

Food and entertainment Restaurant, pizzeria

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